Still harvesting!

This year has been real­ly hard for our gar­den. We lost pret­ty much all our squash, cucum­bers, zuc­chi­ni, water­mel­ons, can­taloupes, and cau­li­flower, and our toma­toes and pep­pers did not pro­duce as much as they did last year. And our corn failed, and our broc­coli nev­er got off the ground… lit­er­al­ly. It was a depress­ing sum­mer gar­den-wise. How­ev­er, this fall is appar­ent­ly turn­ing out great! Beans are com­ing in (I pulled one to see if they’re ready for har­vest­ing), tomatil­los are ripen­ing, car­rots are get­ting big, toma­toes are still hap­pen­ing, I found some red pep­pers today, and… we have HUGE sweet pota­toes com­ing in. It’s quite excit­ing. I’m bak­ing one right now, and I cut anoth­er one up to make chips. So here is a pic­ture of my pride of the day — yay!


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