SCOTUS granted cert on my issue. No word on when arguments will be.

Darn. I knew the risk, but I wanted to be cool and have something published before they looked at the issue, because then I would have been the only article out there on it. Yeah.

end of October, beginning of November

Here’s my schedule for the last few days of October and the first few days of November.

  • October 30: Carl leaves (for a year) most likely; pick up a speaker at 10:30pm
  • October 31: Law Review symposium all day; Bluebook relay (I will coach my team to victory); comparative law paper due
  • November 1: nothing yet
  • November 2: step-nephew’s baptism in the morning with reception at noon; Ali’s bridal shower at 3pm; church at 5pm
  • November 3: Law Review paper due
  • November 4: disability law paper due

I’m worried about those six days. It’ll be fine though. Ha, fun.