poor Carl

I’ve been sick for, oh, a week. Bad cold or sinus infection or something gross that makes my head swim. It’s been unpleasant. I haven’t had to go anywhere though. I think I made Carl sick. It just hit him… Read morepoor Carl


Sometimes reading cases just makes me feel dirty when I see the academic dishonesty that goes on. Courts will take things out of context (much like law students, ha), manipulate language, and pick and choose “binding cases.” The best example… Read moredishonesty

paper… taking… forever

I’m sleepy and grumpy and sick. And this paper is not doing so well. It’s about as sick as I am, possibly even worse.

a spider

I’m pretty convinced now that a spider is trying to take over my house. For some odd reason, a very large and ugly spider took up residence on the overhang in front of my front door. After going through the… Read morea spider

searching for a job

We’ve entered the job-search phase, which is an immensely terrifying thing. I alternate between a sense of optimism and hopelessness. Legal areas that interest me include intellectual property, criminal law, immigration law (refugee/asylum), public international law, and litigation generally. A… Read moresearching for a job

mixed emotions

Carl is moving back to Germany for a year. He’ll be leaving at the end of October/beginning of November. I’m thrilled for him, because it is such a great opportunity and it will be so wonderful for his career, but… Read moremixed emotions

Lawyering “Tips of the Day”

I’m a TA for Lawyering again this year, and my professor wants me to give a “tip of the day” when I’m in class (which is once a week). And because I have not written anything on here for a… Read moreLawyering “Tips of the Day”

right now

This year is going to be crazy. I’m hoping it will be fun though. I’m doing all sorts of writing things, some trial stuff, and then three classes on top of that. A squirrel just ran up to the sliding… Read moreright now