“We’re not gonna take it” is probably a bad song lyric to have playing during a birth control pill commercial.

two weeks until finals

Two weeks and counting. Seven days of class left. Seven days. I think Joel is going to take care of my cats. And I’ve got my flight to DC. But I’m still working on a place to live. It seems… Read moretwo weeks until finals

my immune system

My immune system hates me, it seems. In the past six weeks, I have had a migraine (or at the very least, a terrible headache) for five days straight, two colds, some random bug that had unpleasant symptoms, and now… Read moremy immune system

I’m back from New York

The international law conference was great! I met lots of really interesting people. The panels were pretty decent. My best friend also ended up being at the same conference, and we hadn’t established that until Tuesday. Crazy. But it was… Read moreI’m back from New York