I’ve worn a few hats in the last ten years. I’ve been testing software for over three years now, and I’ve been at Anonyome Labs, which creates apps that protect and enhance privacy, since September of 2018. I’m the test lead on our flagship product, MySudo, as well as a companion product for web. It’s been an incredible place to work, and I love what I do and what we do as a company.

Before Anonyome, I worked for a financial company that uses and develops financial software. They gave me my start in software testing, and I enjoyed working on their mobile app team. My colleagues were great, I learned tons, and I got bank holidays!

I ran a startup called ArtsFuse, which delivered art to TVs. We never made it past our beta, in large part due to career changes for all three founders. We loved our idea, even as it morphed into different forms, and I loved being able to champion contemporary, local artists. I ran the day-to-day operations, tested the software, and worked on strategic partnerships with artists, arts organizations, and customers. And did the financial stuff – blech.

Before all that, I was a lawyer. I appeared in court, but I spent most of my time behind the scenes doing research and drafting many many documents. My career as a lawyer was neither fulfilling nor profitable. After practicing in mainly three different areas of law (plus the forays into other areas that just come with the job), I decided it wasn’t the right career for me, and I left.