I’ve worn a few hats in the last ten years. I’ve been testing software for over five years now. I’m currently at 1-800 Contacts, working on creating a great customer experience. My team is energetic and solid, I like what we’re working on, and I’ve been immersed in CI/CD, which is quite fun.

I sit on the board of the Association for Software Testing. It’s a two-year term, and for my first year, I’m the treasurer.

I was at Anonyome Labs, which creates apps that protect and enhance privacy, for a year. I was the test lead on its flagship product, MySudo (iOS), as well as a companion product for web. It was an incredible place to work.

Before Anonyome, I worked for a financial company that uses and develops financial software. They gave me my start in software testing, and I enjoyed working on their mobile app team. My colleagues were great, I learned tons, and I got bank holidays!

I ran a startup called ArtsFuse, which delivered art to TVs. We never made it past our beta, in large part due to career changes for all three founders. We loved our idea, even as it morphed into different forms, and I loved being able to champion contemporary, local artists. I ran the day-to-day operations, tested the software, and worked on strategic partnerships with artists, arts organizations, and customers. And did the financial stuff—blech.

Before all that, I was a lawyer. I appeared in court, but I spent most of my time behind the scenes doing research and drafting many many documents. My career as a lawyer was neither fulfilling nor profitable. After practicing in mainly three different areas of law (plus the forays into other areas that just come with the job), I decided it wasn’t the right career for me, and I left.

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I asked colleagues to write LinkedIn recommendations for me, and they turned out in full force. If you’ll forgive the lack of modesty, here are a few of my favorites. To see all of them, my LinkedIn username is racheljoi.

It is incredible to work with such a knowledgeable software tester as Rachel. I have had the opportunity to work together with Rachel at Anonyome Labs. Her extent of knowledge in software testing is astounding. Rachel’s drive to gain knowledge, experience, and better herself sets her apart. She also has a lot of awareness of diversity and providing a software product that is open and available to everyone. Rachel is amazing and strives to be the best at everything she does.

Nicholas Cloward, developer

I’ve worked under Rachel’s lead as a member of a vendor team. Rachel is nice and easy going, active listener and team player, very comfortable to work with. As a leader, she values her team’s opinions and effort, and works hard alongside towards the common goal – good-better-even better quality. Her passion and professionalism in testing are inspiring.

Iryna Dzhola, tester

Rachel is a quintessential quality assurance professional. Her thorough and proactive approach to ensuring a rigorous level of quality within the software she is testing will be a huge asset to company and products with which she engages. Rachel is a talented and seasoned presenter within the field of quality assurance, which has the side benefit of being highly connected within her industry. In sum, point her at product and watch the quality metrics skyrocket.

Jeff Poulton, product manager

I have a list of testing resources I like on Github. I welcome pull requests! I don’t have anything else interesting on Github, at least for now.