in response to the McCain controversy

A friend asked me what I thought, so I responded. This was on Facebook, so it is a little informal: Whether McCain is a natural-born citizen has been getting press (well, minor press) for years, but it makes sense that… Read morein response to the McCain controversy


I’ll be attending two conferences in the next month and a half, and I’m really excited about them. The one I’m going to this weekend is the Rebellious Lawyering conference at Yale. It’s a public interest law conference, and there… Read moreconferences

universal jurisdiction

No citations this time, just ruminations. I read a story about how some nations are using universal jurisdiction to prosecute war crimes. Universal jurisdiction is an awkward concept to me. It allows a nation with absolutely no connection to a… Read moreuniversal jurisdiction

why I’m lazy

I woke up at 10 this morning. Granted, I went to bed close to 2 (girls’ night last night), but I slept later than I intended. And I haven’t really accomplished anything since then. I guess that’s okay. I do… Read morewhy I’m lazy

what I’ve learned and what I think

So one thing that I’ve learned this year (and really, it’s been years in the making) is that I’m a good leader, and I certainly do well with responsibility, but I don’t like it. It makes me think that I’m… Read morewhat I’ve learned and what I think


Today ended up being a pretty good day. I was more productive than I usually am, though that isn’t saying much. I’ve been reading the Economist instead of reading for my secured transactions class. It’s better that way. Sometimes I… Read moresure


I may have taken on more than I can handle this year. I feel like I’m not doing a good job with all the things I’m involved in. We’ll see how it goes.

protecting the innocent… corporations?

I didn’t realize the significance of this case until I read a blurb about it in the Economist this week. The US Supreme Court came down recently with the decision in Stoneridge Investment Partners, LLC v. Scientific-Atlanta, Inc., — S…. Read moreprotecting the innocent… corporations?