Gluten free dogs

We have two dogs – a maltipoo (Maltese poodle mix), and a cockachon (cocker spaniel, bichon frise mix) – and they are terrifically adorable. Zoe and Wash have been part of our family for over a year now. Wash had… Read moreGluten free dogs

Amaretto cake recipe

As promised in my prior post, here is the recipe for the gluten free amaretto cake I made last weekend. 1 box devil’s food cake mix (Betty Crocker makes a gluten free one) 1 3.9 oz pkg instant chocolate pudding… Read moreAmaretto cake recipe

Gluten free amaretto cake

A few weeks ago, some friends and I participated in a trivia night fundraiser for Metro Lutheran Ministry. Part of the evening was a dessert auction, and one of the desserts was a “boozy amaretto cake.” We didn’t win –… Read moreGluten free amaretto cake

after more than a year hiatus…

… I’m back. Pretty sure no one has noticed my absence, and that’s fine by me. I’ve spent the last year fully embracing the domestic life. I took up sewing, I’ve dived deep into gluten-free cooking, and we spent a… Read moreafter more than a year hiatus…