Disjointed matters

I’m sure I will have many posts on dis­joint­ed mat­ters, but here is the first in my recent posts.

First, the sweet pota­to chips were a huge hit with the dogs. I think I may make more tomor­row for them.

Sec­ond, I’m rather frus­trat­ed with my orches­tra right now. I real­ly miss play­ing in my col­lege orches­tra where peo­ple prac­ticed and the con­duc­tor encour­aged play­ers to be bet­ter. One deri­sive com­ment the con­duc­tor made at prac­tice tonight real­ly made me think seri­ous­ly about not going back. But I can’t leave the orches­tra with­out a bass play­er…

Third, I’m strug­gling with sewing ultrex, which is a gore­tex type mate­r­i­al. My stitch­es are real­ly close togeth­er no mat­ter what stitch length I set them at, and the feed dogs push the fab­ric through faster than the nee­dle, so it puck­ers. I fid­dled with the ten­sion and thought I had it fig­ured out, but no. I’ve ripped out about sev­en inch­es of very close stitch­es, and I have anoth­er two to go, so if any­one has any sug­ges­tions, please share them. I def­i­nite­ly learned my les­son about prac­tic­ing on scraps instead of the actu­al project.

And fourth, I will be start­ing a new job in two weeks at anoth­er firm here in Kansas City. I will be doing e‑discovery and data pri­va­cy con­sult­ing, as far as I under­stand it, but every­one knows you don’t real­ly know what your job entails until a month into it. I am so grate­ful for the expe­ri­ence I’ve gained at my cur­rent firm, but it is time to go some­where else, and I am excit­ed about this next chap­ter in my career.

That’s it for now. Mulling over a few oth­er things that I might post, but we’ll just have to see.