the benefits of manual testing, episode 2 – agile

Teams at my company are moving to agile, and all of us will go eventually. I’ve been learning about how testing works in agile, and I’ve been talking a lot with people about it, both inside my company and outside…. Read morethe benefits of manual testing, episode 2 – agile

living with a mood disorder

For a long time, I thought I had “ordinary” depression. It was terrible at times, though I managed to function. My first bout of it was in fifth grade, and I would deal with it every couple years after that…. Read moreliving with a mood disorder

Harry Potter’s Birthday

For three years before this one, I celebrated July 31st with a friend who loves Harry Potter much like I do. After moving to Utah, I was sad about not celebrating with her, but I found friends here who love… Read moreHarry Potter’s Birthday