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My home life is pretty great. I have an amazing husband (you can find his excellent website here) and two adorable small dogs that sometimes bark more than I like. I am active in music—I have voice lessons with a fantastic teacher, and I sing with a pretty great choir and a church choir. I’m the cantor at my church (a position that is not traditional in Lutheran churches but was created specifically for me). My primary instrument in college was double bass, but I pull that out only once or twice a year, unfortunately. I play piano nearly every day, and I’m sometimes coerced into playing flute for things. Music has been very important in my life for a very long time. During COVID, I did audio and video editing for virtual choirs for church, schools, and myself.

If you want to hear me sing, my YouTube channel is here, and my SoundCloud is here. If you want to see and hear some of my singing that isn’t on my YouTube channel, there are just a few places:

We have a gluten-free house, and I’m fairly adventurous in the kitchen, which can make for some extraordinary (or extraordinarily terrible) meals. When I throw a party, I tend to go all out, especially with food and drink. I’ve also gardened some.

I love knitting. I find that I really enjoy myself when I’m working on a project, and I can get lost in it for hours. If I can be even less modest than I already am on this page (and this whole vanity site thing), I’ve won ribbons at the Utah State Fair for my knitting. The most recent blue ribbon was for duck sweaters… meaning sweaters made for ducks. I’m a fowl fashionista.

If you want to see my knitting, my Ravelry site is here.

I also love to play board games. We have a decent collection of games, and I get together with friends at least a couple times a month to play games for an evening (or longer). I attend a conference annually where we judge games and award a special seal. It’s fun to try new games and see old friends. I prefer Euro (strategy) games, but I enjoy party games and lighter games as well.

The thing that makes me really nerdy, though, is my love of Harry Potter. I immerse myself in the books and movies multiple times each year, and I celebrate Harry’s birthday every year. I’m also a big nerd with other fandoms as well, particularly Doctor Who, Star Wars, and Star Trek.

I’ve recently taken a seat on the board of American Mensa. I’m the Regional Vice Chair for the Far West, which includes the Southwest and Hawaii. This is a large role that takes up a lot of my time, but I find it fulfilling most of the time. I believe that Mensa should be a welcoming place where people can disagree, but do so agreeably, and where kindness is overwhelming.