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My home life is pretty great. I have an amazing husband (you can find his excellent website here) and two adorable small dogs that sometimes bark more than I like. I am active in music – I have voice lessons with a fantastic teacher, and I sing with a pretty great choir and a church choir. My primary instrument in college was double bass, but I pull that out only once or twice a year, unfortunately. I play piano nearly every day, and I’m sometimes coerced into playing flute for things. Music has been very important in my life for a very long time.

We have a gluten-free house, and I am an excellent gluten-free cook. My sourdough is second to none, and I’m fairly adventurous in the kitchen, which can make for some extraordinary (or extraordinarily terrible) meals. When I throw a party, I tend to go all out, especially with food and drink. I’ve also gardened some.

More recently, I’ve taken up sewing, quilting, and knitting. I find that I really enjoy myself when I’m working on a project, and I can get lost in it for hours.

I also love to play board games. We have a decent collection of games, and I get together with friends at least a couple times a month to play games for an evening (or longer). I attend a conference annually where we judge games and award a special seal. It’s fun to try new games and see old friends. I prefer Euro (strategy) games, but I enjoy party games and lighter games as well.

The thing that makes me really nerdy, though, is my love of Harry Potter. I immerse myself in the books and movies multiple times each year, and I celebrate Harry’s birthday every year. I’ll be documenting some of the costumes I’m making for a convention in October, so stay tuned! I’m also a big nerd with other fandoms as well, particularly Doctor Who, Star Wars, and Star Trek.

This was the first quilt top I made. I started Harriet Hargrave's Quilter's Academy.

This was the first quilt top I made. I started Harriet Hargrave’s Quilter’s Academy.

I made Carl a TARDIS fleece blanket. It’s two layers of three yards (yes, this blanket is nine feet long). He loves it.

I made this table runner for myself.

I made this table runner for myself.

mitts for my brother

Carl modeling a reversible cable scarf