This isn’t my own creative work, but it amused me. It was posted on the Lawrence Journal-World website. Here’s a haiku in response to the Heller decision.

Hand me my shotgun.
I need to go kill a bear,
then I’ll have bear arms.

on another note

It’s wonderful being back in Kansas for a few days. Mitsu has been laying on me for a long time, readjusting when I move. Silly cat. But it’s good to be home. I’ll post something about DC soon. It might be a long post.

the bar application in Kansas

I’ve been looking at the Kansas bar application (not necessarily meaning that I will take the Kansas bar, but I need to start pulling my information together), and when it comes to references, both general ones and character fitness ones, I need to have known all of them for four or more years. They also can’t be employers, relatives, “fellow” law students (I need to find out if this disqualifies law students from other schools), and only one out of the eight can be an attorney or a judge. This essentially disqualifies all the people I talk to currently. Rather, it disqualifies all the people who know me well and can attest to my ability and fitness. It disqualifies all my pastors, as I worked for Luther College Ministries and my mom has been my pastor the rest of the time (ooh, wait, there might be one!). I could ask the bishop, but he really only knows me through my mom. I just think it’s an arbitrary requirement that doesn’t actually mean that someone knows you well now, but rather, that they’ve known you in the past.