Bulb planting time

Last week­end, we plant­ed a lot of bulbs on the side of our house. We are hop­ing to have beard­ed iris­es bloom in the spring and saf­fron in the fall. We are going to har­vest our own saf­fron threads once they are ready. So excit­ed. Daf­fodils also bloom over in that bed, and we will plant some alli­um bulbs and some oth­er sum­mer-bloom­ing flow­ers so that we have blooms basi­cal­ly from March through Octo­ber or Novem­ber. Awe­some, right? Once we get every­thing in the ground, I will post what exact­ly is in there and when it should (hope­ful­ly) bloom. We may need to sup­ple­ment the late sum­mer time peri­od. I don’t think we have any bulbs com­ing for then. Any sug­ges­tions?