Sewing class

I’m cur­rent­ly tak­ing a sewing class at JoAnn Fab­rics. I thought that since I’ve been teach­ing myself and learn­ing as I go (and as I make mis­takes), it would be good to take a class to fill in the blanks. It’s been great. We are mak­ing a skirt. I will fin­ish it tomor­row — it seems the hem on mine is going to be fair­ly tricky. I will post a pic­ture when it’s done. The edu­ca­tion coor­di­na­tor at JoAnn has also agreed to do a serg­er class. A fam­i­ly mem­ber and a friend are inter­est­ed, so I think we will all do it togeth­er. The instruc­tor has been awe­some, and I’ve learned quite a bit. I would rec­om­mend try­ing out their class­es, if you are inter­est­ed.