Amaretto cake recipe

As promised in my pri­or post, here is the recipe for the gluten free amaret­to cake I made last week­end.

1 box dev­il’s food cake mix (Bet­ty Crock­er makes a gluten free one)
1 3.9 oz pkg instant choco­late pud­ding
1/2 c veg­etable oil
1/4 c water
3/4 c amaret­to (Hiram Walk­er’s is gluten free)
4 whole eggs
1 egg yolk
Crushed almonds to coat Bundt cake pan

Pre­heat oven to 350F. Mix wet ingre­di­ents togeth­er in a big bowl. Add cake and pud­ding mix­es. Sprin­kle crushed almonds into greased cake pan. Pour mix into pan. Bake 1 hour. Invert onto plate and poke lots of holes into cake. (LOTS of holes)

For the glaze:
3/4 c brown sug­ar
12 T but­ter
1 c amaret­to

Bring sug­ar and but­ter to a low boil, stir to make it creamy. Remove from heat and add amaret­to.

Pour glaze slow­ly over the cake, allow­ing it to seep in between pours. Let cool 1 hour before serv­ing.

I had a lot of glaze that did­n’t seep in, so I cut the cake into slices, let each side sit in the glaze for about a minute, and then arranged the slices nice­ly on a plate… Mmm, cake soaked in amaret­to.