Gluten free amaretto cake

A few weeks ago, some friends and I par­tic­i­pat­ed in a triv­ia night fundrais­er for Metro Luther­an Min­istry. Part of the evening was a dessert auc­tion, and one of the desserts was a “boozy amaret­to cake.” We did­n’t win — the triv­ia or the cake — but on Fri­day, MLM emailed out the recipe for that cake. It called for a cake mix, and luck­i­ly enough, Bet­ty Crock­er makes GF dev­ils food cake mix. That was the only non-GF item in the recipe (cer­tain brands of amaret­to are GF, so that was­n’t dif­fi­cult), and voila, we had the amaret­to cake on Sat­ur­day. It was deli­cious. There is a LOT of amaret­to in it, and less than half of it has any heat applied, so the alco­hol is all there. I will post the recipe tomor­row, but I want­ed to write about it tonight. I think it is a good exam­ple of how easy it can be to make some­thing gluten free. Fre­quent­ly, you can just do a straight sub­sti­tute, and real­ly, even when you can’t, adding in four oth­er flours to get the right con­sis­ten­cy is just not a big deal. The real prob­lem comes from con­t­a­m­i­na­tion, in my opin­ion. That seems like a good post for lat­er this week. Carl thinks I should write more about cake, but I will let you dis­cov­er its deli­cious­ness for your­self. Tomor­row.