Cognitive Biases in Testing

It’s not Testing Tuesday, but here we go. I recently recorded a podcast about cognitive biases in testing (link to come later), and I wrote up a list of the cognitive biases we talked about, as well as some others…. Read moreCognitive Biases in Testing

experiments in rework

I’ve been at my current company for over three months now. I got off to a rocky start, but I’m happy at 1-800 Contacts now. My team is great—they care about the work we do, they are data-driven, they come… Read moreexperiments in rework

testing concerns

I was talking with a newer tester the other day, and the impression that I got was that there was a lot of insecurity around their testing. They felt like they didn’t have a right to say that they found… Read moretesting concerns

stress cases, pt. 2: peppy messaging

I wrote about stress cases a couple months ago (, and since then, I’ve thought a lot more about stress cases and given a keynote at Agile Testing Days USA about them. (It was a great conference, and I’ll write… Read morestress cases, pt. 2: peppy messaging

virtual reality testing (stay tuned)

I was in Reef Migration, a virtual reality experience for the Vive, and it got me thinking about testing virtual reality. (A video of Reef Migration is here.) Reef Migration is one of three underwater VR experiences in TheBlu, and… Read morevirtual reality testing (stay tuned)

stress cases, pt. 1

Stress cases acknowledge the human element of using our software. Often, we say that something is an “edge case” or a “corner case”, which really ends up meaning that we don’t want to fix it or won’t fix it. That’s… Read morestress cases, pt. 1

pair testing adventures

Last week, I finally did what I’ve been wanting to do for months (years) and engaged in pair testing three times with some differing results. what is pair testing? Pair testing is a lot like pair programming, where you have… Read morepair testing adventures

CAST retrospective

I attended the Conference of the Association for Software Testing (CAST) two weeks ago in Cocoa Beach, Florida. It was a fantastic learning and networking experience over four days, and I’m still reeling a little bit. I started with a… Read moreCAST retrospective

automation thoughts – an update

Last year, I wrote some thoughts about the benefits of manual testing. The posts are here and here. Now that I’ve been on an agile team for over a year, and doing some automation, I think (hope) I have some… Read moreautomation thoughts – an update

training a tester

I may have mentioned a few months ago that I’m training a tester who is new to mobile. We’re four months in, and I’m surprised to find that I’m still answering (many) questions daily. Language does play an important role,… Read moretraining a tester