Almost exact­ly one year ago, we decid­ed we were going to move west. We love Kansas City, but we’ve been here for five years, and it’s time for a new adven­ture. We want moun­tains and a more tem­per­ate cli­mate and… Read moremov­ing

baby shower

I host­ed a baby show­er for my sis­ter-in-law recent­ly, and it was pret­ty fun. It was an after­noon tea, com­plete with home­made clot­ted cream. No spec­i­fied col­ors, but she want­ed owls, so I did yel­low and laven­der (and owls, of… Read morebaby show­er


My theme for this year, as a New Year’s Res­o­lu­tion, is dis­ci­pline. Since I closed up my law firm, I’d been rather undis­ci­plined — sleep­ing late and too much, eat­ing too much, watch­ing too much TV, drink­ing too fre­quent­ly (rarely… Read moredis­ci­pline