Bread. Mmm.

I made banana muffins and banana bread over the weekend using two different recipes. The muffins used brown rice flour and pecans, and the bread used teff flour and cream cheese. I had never cooked with teff flour before. Apparently it comes in different colors – ivory, brown, and red – but our grocery store only had brown. Thus, the bread was a little darker than you normally expect. My husband thought both were good, though he preferred the muffins slightly. I thought the bread was quite rich, probably due more to the cream cheese than the flour. I think the verdict is just that banana bread is easy to make taste good, no matter what recipe you use. In the past, I have used a mixture of white rice flour, tapioca flour, and cornstarch, and that always turned out well. Brown rice flour has a little more nutrition in it than white rice flour, so I think I will use the brown rice mixture from here on out. Might try mixing in some teff or millet flour next time though.

And then tonight, I made sourdough bread. I end up making two loaves about every other week. Carl says he likes it better than the store-bought bread. The starter has settled down now, so it is consistent from loaf to loaf. I’ve had the starter since July, so it’s nice and sourdough-y. It uses a mixture of garbanzo bean/fava bean flour, tapioca flour, cornstarch, and sorghum flour. And it is delicious. I use Bette Hageman’s recipe – can I reproduce it here? That is something a lawyer should probably know…

The pictures aren’t uploading. Just imagine two delicious-looking loaves of bread and a single muffin. Mmm.

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  1. Rachel- enjoying the reading! My sour dough is always a flop. Any clues? Also, I am new to the gluten free, but giving it my best shot. I was quite surprised that it can taste just as good- No one told my belly that the cookies I had last week were not the old normal kind! Keep the info coming!

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