I’m back from New York

The international law conference was great! I met lots of really interesting people. The panels were pretty decent.

My best friend also ended up being at the same conference, and we hadn’t established that until Tuesday. Crazy. But it was great to see her. It had been graduation since we last saw each other. And another really good friend from college lives in New York and works as a pastry cook. It was so good to be around people who know me. I guess it was a nice balance of old and new.

KU won the NCAA basketball tournament. It was an exciting time. I was in New York for the Final Four, and I hung out at an unofficial KU alumni bar. People were going crazy for Russell Robinson (from New York, NEW YORK!). It was tons of fun.

Anyway, life is good, and I’m very thankful to be surrounded by people who love me. Oh, I’m not sure if I mentioned this, but I got a summer job at Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services! I’ll be living in Washington, D.C. for the summer. I just need to get through this semester. I just need to get through Friday, really. Our human rights symposium is on Friday. Hooray!

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