my immune system

My immune sys­tem hates me, it seems.  In the past six weeks, I have had a migraine (or at the very least, a ter­ri­ble headache) for five days straight, two colds, some ran­dom bug that had unpleas­ant symp­toms, and now there’s some­thing wrong with my eye.

My left eye hurts like crazy.  It now hurts when­ev­er I blink.  There’s stuff com­ing out of it, too.  And when I lean my head for­ward, my left eye feels mas­sive­ly heavy and like it’s going to fall out.  It’s bad.  Pink­eye?  Let’s hope not.  My eye is red and swollen now, but I’ve been rub­bing it all day.

Any­way, I have a cou­ple papers to write and a tri­al advo­ca­cy tri­al to pre­pare for.  Woohoo.  I love my week­ends.