a spider

I’m pret­ty con­vinced now that a spi­der is try­ing to take over my house.  For some odd rea­son, a very large and ugly spi­der took up res­i­dence on the over­hang in front of my front door.  After going through the spi­der­web three or four times, Carl “saved” me and took down the spi­der (and the spi­der­web) with a stick and threw it on my roof.  It’s been three days, and now the spi­der has built a very large web right out­side my slid­ing glass door.  It’s try­ing to trap me, you see.  It’s very deter­mined.  And very strate­gic.  Maybe I’ll leave it there for a day or two and then throw the spi­der in the bush­es or some­thing and hope it does­n’t come back.  Yuck.