the bar application in Kansas

I’ve been look­ing at the Kansas bar appli­ca­tion (not nec­es­sar­i­ly mean­ing that I will take the Kansas bar, but I need to start pulling my infor­ma­tion togeth­er), and when it comes to ref­er­ences, both gen­er­al ones and char­ac­ter fit­ness ones, I need to have known all of them for four or more years.  They also can’t be employ­ers, rel­a­tives, “fel­low” law stu­dents (I need to find out if this dis­qual­i­fies law stu­dents from oth­er schools), and only one out of the eight can be an attor­ney or a judge.  This essen­tial­ly dis­qual­i­fies all the peo­ple I talk to cur­rent­ly.  Rather, it dis­qual­i­fies all the peo­ple who know me well and can attest to my abil­i­ty and fit­ness.  It dis­qual­i­fies all my pas­tors, as I worked for Luther Col­lege Min­istries and my mom has been my pas­tor the rest of the time (ooh, wait, there might be one!).  I could ask the bish­op, but he real­ly only knows me through my mom.  I just think it’s an arbi­trary require­ment that does­n’t actu­al­ly mean that some­one knows you well now, but rather, that they’ve known you in the past.