no more class until August!

I’m about to col­lapse into bed.  I was up until 4am work­ing on a paper.  It was fair­ly mis­er­able.  And then I woke up at 7am so that I could be first in line for Chief Jus­tice Roberts’ Q&A with law stu­dents.  That’s right, I’m a nerd.  If you want to read about CJ Roberts’ vis­it, check out my legal blog.

I’m relieved that class­es are over, but I’m not at all excit­ed that finals are com­ing.  That will be the most mis­er­able part.

On a brighter note, I have a place to stay in DC now.  And things will come togeth­er in gen­er­al, it seems.  I can some­times be a lit­tle doubt­ful or pes­simistic, but I’ve become a lot bet­ter about stop­ping that when I rec­og­nize it.

Ooh, and Mark Schweiz­er writes “litur­gi­cal mys­ter­ies,” which are absolute­ly hilar­i­ous.  The best place to buy them is from the pub­lish­er.  I bought the box set and had them all signed.  And now I’m read­ing the third book — The Tenor Wore Tap­shoes.  I’ve read the first, sec­ond, and sixth already, though spread out over the last cou­ple months, of course.

I think I’m going to crawl into bed, open up my win­dow now that it’s get­ting a lit­tle cool­er and the tor­na­do warn­ing has become a tor­na­do watch, and read for a lit­tle bit.  Then I’ll sleep and sleep and sleep and it will be so very bliss­ful.

I am also read­ing the Decameron, which is quite fas­ci­nat­ing (and some­times quite gross, explic­it, or awk­ward).  I think I’ll need to read Ara­bi­an Nights as well, just to round out my old-sto­ries-that-have-spawned-cen­turies-of-elab­o­ra­tion edu­ca­tion.  And Chron­i­cles of Nar­nia, though it does­n’t fit into the same cat­e­go­ry.  I should make a book list.