My broth­er and I are in the Philip­pines, vis­it­ing my dad and his fam­i­ly. We’ve been in Mani­la so far, but we’ll head to their house in the provinces tomor­row. I’m typ­ing this on a tiny key­board, so this won’t be long. It’s good being here, and I def­i­nite­ly like hav­ing man­go and papaya for break­fast. Being here has made me think of India on more than one occa­sion, part­ly because of the archi­tec­ture (espe­cial­ly church­es). Also, the idea of per­son­al space, or lack there­of, is sim­i­lar. Grant­ed, I haven’t been to India for many years, but this is what I remem­ber.

My dad’s fam­i­ly is great, very kind and even fun. I’ll write more when I steal my broth­er’s com­put­er.