Harry Potter cosplay

Thrilling Thurs­days are where I will share things that get me excit­ed. This could be music, knit­ting, or, as it is here, Har­ry Pot­ter!

I’m going to Leaky Con in Octo­ber with a friend, and I’ve decid­ed to cos­play for all five days we’re there. I’ve start­ed work on my cos­tumes, order­ing the bits I’m not going to make and get­ting ready to sew the stuff I will make. So here’s my plan:

  • stag patronus: I had the mask made last Novem­ber for a themed Yule Ball we went to here in Salt Lake City. I’m mak­ing a dress using white fab­ric, and the godets for the skirt will have a sheer ice-blue over­lay to cre­ate a lit­tle more diaphanous flowy-ness. I think I’m going to make a capelet out of the same sheer mate­r­i­al. The idea is to be flowy and a lit­tle ethe­re­al.
  • Fawkes the phoenix: No sewing for this one. My mask peo­ple are mak­ing the mask for it (and they seem real­ly excit­ed about it!), and I bought a red ball gown with gold feath­ers embroi­dered on it. I’ll do some red body glit­ter and put feath­ers in my hair. And wear my red Con­verse sneak­ers because why not.
  • Luna Love­g­ood: I have nei­ther blonde hair nor blue eyes, but I do have the diri­gi­ble plum ear­rings and a cork neck­lace cour­tesy of my hus­band. I’m going as stu­dent Luna rather than extracur­ric­u­lar Luna, so I’ll have the Raven­claw sweater and all that stuff.
  • Beaux­ba­tons stu­dent: This is the cos­tume that will take the most work, but I have a very skilled seam­stress to help me out. We’re mak­ing the out­fit that they wore when they first came to Hog­warts. I’ve ordered the hat, and I’m debat­ing whether to order a pair of shoes that is super cute but not quite right, or to paint shoes that are clos­er in style but not as awe­some.
  • Min­istry witch: I was ini­tial­ly think­ing Mafal­da Hop­kirk, but this is basi­cal­ly just an excuse to wear my cloak that I made in col­lege. This will be the last cos­tume I make, though I think I may make myself a badge or ID to wear. It will essen­tial­ly be what­ev­er out­fit I want under my cloak.

What about my wand, you say? Carl is going to put a small mag­net in my wand, and I’ll put mag­nets in gaff tape and sew them into the Min­istry cos­tume, the Beaux­ba­tons cos­tume, and Luna’s wig. My friend will car­ry my wand (or her wand) for my patronus cos­tume and peri­od­i­cal­ly sum­mon me.

So that’s it. Lots to do before Octo­ber! I’ll post updates on each cos­tume as I make progress.