choosing a name

I’m sure at least some of you are won­der­ing why I chose the name “Ves­ta Legal” for my firm. First, a lot of lawyers use their names as their firm names, some­thing which I believe is root­ed in eth­i­cal rules. The rules have changed though, and a law firm can choose dif­fer­ent names. I thought my name was too com­plex and hard to remem­ber to be effec­tive as a brand­ing tech­nique.  And it would just be clum­sy: “The Law Offices of Rachel Kibler-Mel­by” — ugh. I like my name gen­er­al­ly, but as a brand, it’s not so great. So the next step was find­ing a phrase or name that I liked. I have always had an inter­est in mythol­o­gy, so I thought that would be a good place to start. I searched for gods or god­dess­es with con­nec­tions to wills, and I had a hard time find­ing any­thing. Then I thought hav­ing the god­dess of the home would be a good bridge to estate plan­ning, my pri­ma­ry area of prac­tice. I’m more famil­iar with Greek mythol­o­gy, so I first tossed around “Hes­tia,” pro­tec­tor of the hearth. But I did­n’t like the sound of it. I went to Roman mythol­o­gy, where “Ves­ta” is the god­dess of hearth and home. I liked the sound of her name, and to my delight, I dis­cov­ered that the Romans actu­al­ly deposit­ed their wills with the priest­esses of Ves­ta, the Vestal Vir­gins. It seemed per­fect. I searched the name and “law,” and a Swiss law firm came up, so “Ves­ta Law” was out. There also appears to be a town in West Vir­ginia called “Ves­ta,” though strange­ly, no one had used it in their law firm name. So then it was just a mat­ter of fig­ur­ing out what I liked, and “Ves­ta Legal” won out among the var­i­ous “law firm,” “law office,” “legal ser­vices,” and oth­er vari­a­tions.

If you’re think­ing about a name for a law firm, I would encour­age you to not use your own name. Hav­ing a brand name is fre­quent­ly eas­i­er to remem­ber, and a bonus is that it allows room for growth. If I take on a part­ner or hire an asso­ciate or what­ev­er, I don’t have to wor­ry about chang­ing the name. It also gives no indi­ca­tion as to the size of my firm (thus break­ing no eth­i­cal rules by stat­ing it is big­ger than it is), which can some­times give more cred­i­bil­i­ty.

So that’s how I came to name my firm what I did. I’m hap­py with it — I think it sounds ele­gant, and I like the back­ground of it.