a week and a half into my vacation

After the hor­ror that was the bar exam, I came over to Europe to spend a month with Carl.  It’s been fab­u­lous so far.  We were in Eng­land for a lit­tle over a week, and now we’re in Munich until Fri­day.  My broth­er’s down here vis­it­ing us, and this is time to just relax and sleep in.  It’s won­der­ful.  I was look­ing at some of the pic­tures we took in Eng­land, and I was shocked by how hap­py I looked.  I’m not sure if I’ve smiled so much in the last three years as I have in the last week.  When I get back to the States, I’ll have a lit­tle less than a week before I start my new job.  This has been a wel­come break between final­ly being done with school and enter­ing the real world.

I think Cort and I will head over to the Deutsches Muse­um today.  And go shop­ping.  Ah, what bliss.  And Carl will be work­ing, of course.  He only has off for the first and last weeks of my vis­it.  But he’s being sent to Dublin next week, so we’ll have a grand time there — I’ll go see excit­ing things while he sits in a serv­er room.  🙂

So that’s life right now.  I’ll update more lat­er…