weekly roundup – February 19th

Maybe not strictly weekly, but here’s this week’s edition of what I’ve been reading, playing, and thinking!

The New Yorker had an interesting piece last spring on police shootings in Albuquerque. The violence directed at civilians by cops is far beyond what other areas experience, and the city turned a blind eye to it over and over again. The DOJ launched an investigation and found a pattern of unnecessarily aggressive responses to crises. The most egregious violence has been directed at people who are homeless or have a mental illness. It is a depressing read, and the protection by the city and within the department makes it even worse. I could feel the hopelessness of the parents in the story.

This short opinion piece (caution: language) on the Huffington Post’s refusal to pay its writers got me thinking about how I choose to spend my time and energy. It’s also an analog to paying artists, like I believe so firmly in with ArtsFuse. I’m not sure I can completely stop reading HuffPo, but is it worth it to make an effort?


  • Star Fluxx: This is considerably more chance than skill, though there is a certain strategy. It’s fun when it’s the right length, but not when it is over quickly or takes forever. Players try to place Keepers in front of them and alter the Goal so they win.
  • Ticket to Ride Europe: We introduced some friends to this game, and everyone seemed to enjoy it. Players buy train routes connecting cities in Europe and get points for city-to-city connections, longer routes, and having the longest continuous train. It’s a fun game, and I hope I didn’t ruin it for the others by winning. 🙂
  • Nations: We watched a video on how to play it just so we made sure we were doing it right. Players set up their civilizations for military conquest and stability, and they buy cards to help with that and gain benefits from event cards. It’s played over the course of eight rounds. Carl and I took different strategies, and mine nearly caused me to lose the game (hint: don’t spend all your gold or resources). It’s fun, and now that we know how to play better, future games will go much faster. If you’re really into strategy games, this one is a great one.
  • Carl and I have played more rounds of Roll for the Galaxy and Tiny Epic Galaxies. Such good games.

No deep thoughts for this week.

2 thoughts on “weekly roundup – February 19th

    1. Sure! I mean that my time is fairly limited (and will become more so when I find a job), and I only have a certain amount of brain power/willpower/energy for small things each day. It’s easy to passively digest things – TV, clickbait (goodness, how I hate clickbait) – and if I am more conscious about what I choose to read, choosing to digest things because they are both interesting to me and make a point about what I believe in, isn’t that better?

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