Harry Potter cosplay

Thrilling Thursdays are where I will share things that get me excited. This could be music, knitting, or, as it is here, Harry Potter!

I’m going to Leaky Con in October with a friend, and I’ve decided to cosplay for all five days we’re there. I’ve started work on my costumes, ordering the bits I’m not going to make and getting ready to sew the stuff I will make. So here’s my plan:

  • stag patronus: I had the mask made last November for a themed Yule Ball we went to here in Salt Lake City. I’m making a dress using white fabric, and the godets for the skirt will have a sheer ice-blue overlay to create a little more diaphanous flowy-ness. I think I’m going to make a capelet out of the same sheer material. The idea is to be flowy and a little ethereal.
  • Fawkes the phoenix: No sewing for this one. My mask people are making the mask for it (and they seem really excited about it!), and I bought a red ball gown with gold feathers embroidered on it. I’ll do some red body glitter and put feathers in my hair. And wear my red Converse sneakers because why not.
  • Luna Lovegood: I have neither blonde hair nor blue eyes, but I do have the dirigible plum earrings and a cork necklace courtesy of my husband. I’m going as student Luna rather than extracurricular Luna, so I’ll have the Ravenclaw sweater and all that stuff.
  • Beauxbatons student: This is the costume that will take the most work, but I have a very skilled seamstress to help me out. We’re making the outfit that they wore when they first came to Hogwarts. I’ve ordered the hat, and I’m debating whether to order a pair of shoes that is super cute but not quite right, or to paint shoes that are closer in style but not as awesome.
  • Ministry witch: I was initially thinking Mafalda Hopkirk, but this is basically just an excuse to wear my cloak that I made in college. This will be the last costume I make, though I think I may make myself a badge or ID to wear. It will essentially be whatever outfit I want under my cloak.

What about my wand, you say? Carl is going to put a small magnet in my wand, and I’ll put magnets in gaff tape and sew them into the Ministry costume, the Beauxbatons costume, and Luna’s wig. My friend will carry my wand (or her wand) for my patronus costume and periodically summon me.

So that’s it. Lots to do before October! I’ll post updates on each costume as I make progress.

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