Update on slow cooking

I have three days left for my month-long challenge, and while I’ve had a blast, I’ll be glad to start using my slow cooker only a few times a week instead of every day. It’s produced SO MUCH FOOD. I did get a 1970s-era 3 1/2 quart Crock-Pot, so that will be nice for smaller quantities of food. Here’s the list of things I’ve made since my last post:

  • creme caramel
  • pomegranate pork
  • fallen cheese souffle
  • chicken pot pie
  • sausage and vegetables medley
  • butternut bisque
  • honeyed pears with goat cheese and thyme
  • halibut with Maitre d’Hotel butter
  • Alsatian lentil soup with bratwurst
  • hot buttered rum

I’ve been making notes after each recipe so I know how long the prep took, any modifications I made, how long it cooked, how it tasted, and whether it’s worth making again. Oh, I also roasted cauliflower, but not in the slow cooker. That was super delicious.

As I said, I have three days left, but five recipes I still want to make. They are:

  • crustless vegetable quiche
  • lamb with artichokes and olives
  • acorn squash
  • lemon pots de creme
  • ginger creme brulee

It’s hard to choose a favorite from the month, though Carl seemed to rave most about the Rousillon meatballs, the pomegranate pork, and the two recipes with whole chickens. I have learned a few things – it is indeed possible to overcook things, namely fish; the spiciness in chili will intensify over time; and I can make so many more dishes than I ever thought in the slow cooker. It’s been a pretty delicious month.

I don’t know why, but this post feels like a book report. Maybe it’s because of the lists… you know, a recitation of the main points without much judgment. Hmm.

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