Things I Miss

A friend asked me today if I miss being at my former firm. I thought about it for a minute. There are some things I miss:

  • being busy all the time (or at least a lot of the time)
  • someone else shouldering responsibility for my work
  • someone else being responsible for bringing in new work
  • having a steady paycheck

However, I know that these are things I miss now. I know business will come in the door in waves, and I won’t always be busy (or always slow). I know I can build a network of people I trust to respond honestly to my work product or my questions, which is something I’m already building. I know I’m getting better all the time at bringing in new business. And I know that the paycheck will come, and it will vary, but it will hopefully pay off in the end.

In short, I miss having a safety net. But the freedom that comes with being my own boss is amazing. And that’s something I would miss tremendously at a firm.

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