a week and a half into my vacation

After the horror that was the bar exam, I came over to Europe to spend a month with Carl. It’s been fabulous so far. We were in England for a little over a week, and now we’re in Munich until Friday. My brother’s down here visiting us, and this is time to just relax and sleep in. It’s wonderful. I was looking at some of the pictures we took in England, and I was shocked by how happy I looked. I’m not sure if I’ve smiled so much in the last three years as I have in the last week. When I get back to the States, I’ll have a little less than a week before I start my new job. This has been a welcome break between finally being done with school and entering the real world.

I think Cort and I will head over to the Deutsches Museum today. And go shopping. Ah, what bliss. And Carl will be working, of course. He only has off for the first and last weeks of my visit. But he’s being sent to Dublin next week, so we’ll have a grand time there – I’ll go see exciting things while he sits in a server room. 🙂

So that’s life right now. I’ll update more later…

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