sooo busy

It’s kind of an inside joke.

I am, however, very busy. I have a paper due tomorrow that will determine my future (I’m being only slightly dramatic), a midterm on Tuesday, a paper due on Thursday that will essentially be one-half of my grade (another paper will be the other half, I think), and a really big paper due on Friday. I’m busy, but for some reason, I’m not panicking. I’m just slowly getting things done. It’s wonderful. I steam-cleaned my carpet, couch, and chairs yesterday. I think I may mop my floors today. Or clean my kitchen. We’ll see.

I’m looking forward to the 22nd very much. Spring break starts this Friday (the 14th), and I’m going to the Twin Cities with LCM. I may have already mentioned that. But someone very special will be back on the 20th, and I’ll be back on the 22nd, and we get a whole week before he goes away again until June or July.

I watched Pride and Prejudice last night. I like that story so much. There was a time when I read it in a day and couldn’t stop talking like Jane Austen wrote for another few days.

I should get back to writing. And not writing in my blog.

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