Rachel Kibler is a software tester at 1-800 Contacts, where she works on website experiences. Prior to that, she was a test lead at Anonyome Labs and a tester at Zions Bank, working primarily on native mobile applications. She currently serves as Treasurer on the board of the Association for Software Testing.

She loves training testers, those new to testing and those with experience alike, and she has an active role doing that, inside and outside of work. Rachel has presented at CAST, Agile Testing Days USA, and in her local groups, as well as appearing on podcasts to talk about testing. She also writes about testing regularly for Gurock and less regularly for her own blog.

Rachel has a background in law, entrepreneurship, and music. She has used the styles of thinking cultivated by those disciplines to bring creativity and analytical thinking to her testing, believing that the best testing happens when a tester brings all of who they are to their exploration of a product. She subscribes to the context-driven approach to testing.

Outside of testing, Rachel sings semi-professionally, knits, and serves on the board of American Mensa. She lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, with her husband and two dogs, Wash and Zoe. Her website is