essential board games

I know I talk a lot about board games, but I’ve never talked about which ones are actually good starter games for anyone interested in building a modern board game collection. So what games do you need? In no particular… Read moreessential board games

why I make music (and why I practice)

I’ve been making music since I was a small child. It started with singing, then included piano, flute, and double bass, and now I mostly just sing and play piano. Listening to music is a great pleasure, but making music… Read morewhy I make music (and why I practice)

Harry Potter cosplay at LeakyCon

I went to LeakyCon in October and had a FANTASTIC time. My friend Austin and I celebrated our way through the weekend. I cosplayed each day, some days with multiple costumes. The first day, I was Luna Lovegood, and once… Read moreHarry Potter cosplay at LeakyCon

Harry Potter’s Birthday

For three years before this one, I celebrated July 31st with a friend who loves Harry Potter much like I do. After moving to Utah, I was sad about not celebrating with her, but I found friends here who love… Read moreHarry Potter’s Birthday

Harry Potter cosplay

Thrilling Thursdays are where I will share things that get me excited. This could be music, knitting, or, as it is here, Harry Potter! I’m going to Leaky Con in October with a friend, and I’ve decided to cosplay for… Read moreHarry Potter cosplay