weekly roundup – February 5th

This will be a short one. In the last couple weeks, I’ve been focusing on other things and haven’t read many articles or played many games. I’m still a week or two behind in Bloomberg Businessweek, but I found this… Read moreweekly roundup – February 5th

weekly roundup – January 15th

One of the best things I saw this week was Jerry Seinfeld and President Obama in Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. Both of these men are personable, and I enjoyed their conversation. Having Obama open up about what it means… Read moreweekly roundup – January 15th

weekly roundup – first ever!

Welcome to my first weekly roundup, where I write about things I’ve read, games I’ve played, and things I’ve been thinking about that don’t merit their own blog posts. I’ve read a few interesting articles this week. I discovered the… Read moreweekly roundup – first ever!

spread it like herpes, only for positive


in response to the McCain controversy

A friend asked me what I thought, so I responded. This was on Facebook, so it is a little informal: Whether McCain is a natural-born citizen has been getting press (well, minor press) for years, but it makes sense that… Read morein response to the McCain controversy