a spider

I’m pretty convinced now that a spider is trying to take over my house. For some odd reason, a very large and ugly spider took up residence on the overhang in front of my front door. After going through the… Read morea spider

mixed emotions

Carl is moving back to Germany for a year. He’ll be leaving at the end of October/beginning of November. I’m thrilled for him, because it is such a great opportunity and it will be so wonderful for his career, but… Read moremixed emotions

Carl in DC

Carl came to DC last weekend. He arrived here on Wednesday from Munich and left for KC on Sunday. It was a whirlwind weekend, but it was so good just to see him again. Here’s a rundown of what we… Read moreCarl in DC

one wonderful thing about this week

My favorite boy is home for a full week. A FULL WEEK!!!

sooo busy

It’s kind of an inside joke. I am, however, very busy. I have a paper due tomorrow that will determine my future (I’m being only slightly dramatic), a midterm on Tuesday, a paper due on Thursday that will essentially be… Read moresooo busy

massive headache

I’ve had a terrible headache for the last 24 hours. It’s terrible. My mom was convinced I have the flu, but no, I don’t. Maybe it’s just stress. I have a lot of papers and things due in the next… Read moremassive headache