disastrous interview

I had two interviews today, one of which wasn’t really an interview, and the other of which was a disaster. I started talking and then I started thinking, “Shut up, shut up, for goodness’ sake, Rachel, shut up,” but I… Read moredisastrous interview


This isn’t my own creative work, but it amused me. It was posted on the Lawrence Journal-World website. Here’s a haiku in response to the Heller decision. Hand me my shotgun. I need to go kill a bear, then I’ll… Read moreHeller

the bar application in Kansas

I’ve been looking at the Kansas bar application (not necessarily meaning that I will take the Kansas bar, but I need to start pulling my information together), and when it comes to references, both general ones and character fitness ones,… Read morethe bar application in Kansas

no more class until August!

I’m about to collapse into bed. I was up until 4am working on a paper. It was fairly miserable. And then I woke up at 7am so that I could be first in line for Chief Justice Roberts’ Q&A with… Read moreno more class until August!

Chief Justice Roberts visited KU

Last night, CJ Roberts gave a lecture through the business school. It was fairly disappointing, honestly. He read his talk, and he talked about the Louisiana Purchase. He also spent a long time on the mechanics of the Supreme Court. … Read moreChief Justice Roberts visited KU

two weeks until finals

Two weeks and counting. Seven days of class left. Seven days. I think Joel is going to take care of my cats. And I’ve got my flight to DC. But I’m still working on a place to live. It seems… Read moretwo weeks until finals

my immune system

My immune system hates me, it seems. In the past six weeks, I have had a migraine (or at the very least, a terrible headache) for five days straight, two colds, some random bug that had unpleasant symptoms, and now… Read moremy immune system

I’m back from New York

The international law conference was great! I met lots of really interesting people. The panels were pretty decent. My best friend also ended up being at the same conference, and we hadn’t established that until Tuesday. Crazy. But it was… Read moreI’m back from New York

it’s good to be home

I haven’t been gone for days, but it feels so good to be home. I spent 17.5 hours away from home today, 15 of which were spent at the law school, and 17 of which were spent doing law-related and… Read moreit’s good to be home

sooo busy

It’s kind of an inside joke. I am, however, very busy. I have a paper due tomorrow that will determine my future (I’m being only slightly dramatic), a midterm on Tuesday, a paper due on Thursday that will essentially be… Read moresooo busy