Within a month or two after starting law school, I was at a career services thing, and they spent a minute stressing that the degree we were pursuing is a Juris Doctor, not a Juris Doctorate. Although I understand that some people might be confused, people should know what their own degree is. I was given a pamphlet about a Republican candidate today (the Republican part isn’t important, but still…), and one of the statements in there was about him receiving a Juris Doctorate from Washington University. That just irritated me.

Thought I’d mention it, because I’ve seen “Juris Doctorate” on a few attorney websites and all over our Luther class letter.

studying for the Bar Exam

I’ve been working on Wills and Trusts today. I won’t have much time to read tomorrow, so I actually read ahead… And I had a thought. Trusts for animals (pets) are exempt from the Rule Against Perpetuities, at least in Missouri, and they last for the life of the animal, or the last surviving animal if the trust is for more than one animal.

When I took Estates and Trusts (one class) in law school, my friend and I had talked about ways to get into the casebook, whether by naming our children C1, C2, C3, and so forth, or by creating an exceptionally complicated will with all sorts of procedural problems. What I want to do is adopt some animal with a long lifespan, like a turtle or a lake sturgeon, then put a massive amount of money into a trust for said animal, and then watch from my cloud while the litigation ensues after I die. I figure someone will make the Rule Against Perpetuities argument, especially since it’s for such a long time, and there will be an issue of what a pet actually is, and the trustee will be completely greedy and breach fiduciary duties. It will be fun.

Is it bad that when I study, I think about ways to get around the law? Don’t worry, I won’t be breaking any laws knowingly or willingly.

last day of class!

Yes, I have finally finished all my law school classes. Now I just have three finals to take, a settlement agreement to write, and twenty-one 1L summary judgment motions to grade for citations.

I’ve been playing bass a little more, which has been wonderful. I’m playing for a friend’s church choir this Sunday as part of an ensemble. It should be fun.

Carl will be home in two weeks. TWO WEEKS! This is quite exciting. He won’t be staying for as long as we had originally planned, but it will be good to have him home. He’s such a wonderful guy, and I miss him terribly.

Um, right now, there are a bunch of dead ants in my bathroom, all over my shower. As in, a couple hundred of dead ants. I sprayed the cracks in my shower with Raid today, and they’ve just been pouring out and dying. It’s quite gross. And a great thing to share, no? Not sure if this is something to mention to my landlord. I think it may be more a circumstance of where I live instead of the house being defective. Also not sure if this is a good thing to mention generally.

Anyway, that’s it. Carl will be home in 15 days, and I graduate in 23 days!

almost done with law school!

I have a grand total of nine classes left. Four tomorrow, three Wednesday, two Thursday. And then I will be done with class for a long time! Three finals, then graduation. And Carl comes home for a couple weeks.

Next year, I’ll be working for a law firm in Kansas City, Missouri. I’m not going to say the name because I really don’t want my blog to come up in searches for it. That would just be weird. I’ll be defending asbestos manufacturers though. I’m very excited about it. It’s a really great firm, and I’m looking forward to working with all of them.

Recently, I’ve been playing bass more. I really do miss it. Anyone know of an orchestra I could play with next year? There’s a civic orchestra with whom a Kansas appellate judge plays. That would be fun, but I’m a little hesitant to try and play with them.

Okay, I’m done.


SCOTUS granted cert on my issue. No word on when arguments will be.

Darn. I knew the risk, but I wanted to be cool and have something published before they looked at the issue, because then I would have been the only article out there on it. Yeah.