games at BryceCon

I was at a board game con down at Bryce Canyon (best location for a con), and though I did some cross-country skiing and stargazing in the national park, I also played fourteen games! Here’s the rundown. Castle Panic: This… Read moregames at BryceCon

games roundup

I played a bunch of games in 2019. I have some new favorites and new recommendations! 2-Player Games I love a good 2-player game, and I made it my mission a couple years ago to have a decent collection of… Read moregames roundup

new board games rundown

I spent the better part of five days last week playing the newest board games at a convention in Seattle. It was quite a change from the board game convention I usually go to, where players have about 40 hours… Read morenew board games rundown

essential board games

I know I talk a lot about board games, but I’ve never talked about which ones are actually good starter games for anyone interested in building a modern board game collection. So what games do you need? In no particular… Read moreessential board games

board game extravaganza 2 (April)

I went to Mind Games in April, at which judges play at least 30 games and vote on their favorites. On Sunday morning, votes are tallied, and five games are heralded as winners with the right to put the Mensa… Read moreboard game extravaganza 2 (April)

board game extravaganza 1 (March)

I went to a board game convention at the beginning of March, and I played lots of games! Here’s a list: Scoville: This is similar to Pastiche, but with peppers. It’s a cute game where you plant peppers and try… Read moreboard game extravaganza 1 (March)

board game review: Scythe

We brought Scythe home a few weeks ago, and we’ve played it a few times. We’ve played one 2-player and two 4-player games, and Carl played the automa version once. I think I can give a decent review of it now…. Read moreboard game review: Scythe

December gaming edition

I’ve been playing a number of games over the past few months, some new ones and some not-so-new ones. Canalis: We played this game with 4 players a couple times over the weekend. It’s part of the Tempest universe (which… Read moreDecember gaming edition

September gaming edition

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted something on a Friday, and there have been a number of games I’ve played recently. I’ve been to two board game conventions and have played a lot of games with friends. This… Read moreSeptember gaming edition

weekly roundup – February 19th

Maybe not strictly weekly, but here’s this week’s edition of what I’ve been reading, playing, and thinking! The New Yorker had an interesting piece last spring on police shootings in Albuquerque. The violence directed at civilians by cops is far… Read moreweekly roundup – February 19th