a documentation argument

I’m testing some vendor-supplied software, and I’ve been testing a variety of functions and integrations. I’ve been more deliberate in my testing on this project, less monkey-at-a-keyboard and more creative thinking about how it might be broken. I’m testing things… Read morea documentation argument

GF communion bread

Another thing: I’m working on a recipe for gluten-free communion bread, preferably unleavened. I’ll post a recipe if I find one I like, but I would love suggestions!

Sewing class

I’m currently taking a sewing class at JoAnn Fabrics. I thought that since I’ve been teaching myself and learning as I go (and as I make mistakes), it would be good to take a class to fill in the blanks…. Read moreSewing class

after more than a year hiatus…

… I’m back. Pretty sure no one has noticed my absence, and that’s fine by me. I’ve spent the last year fully embracing the domestic life. I took up sewing, I’ve dived deep into gluten-free cooking, and we spent a… Read moreafter more than a year hiatus…

17 days

17 days. Yes. 17. And then I will be married. I’m both excited and terrified, naturally. Preparations are coming together, but I’m having trouble understanding how I’m supposed to focus on work while this is going on. If I had… Read more17 days


1. bought plane ticket home for September 2nd 2. bought tickets for the midnight showing of Harry Potter 3. wrote practice essays 4. lazy day

another day

1. neck hurts, jerked awake yesterday morning and strained something 2. studying a lot 3. Mom bought a piano, so I get the one we’ve had forever! 4. bought plane ticket to London!


I’m headed to Germany on Wednesday! I’ll land in Munich on Thursday and spend a couple days with Carl. I’ll leave on Saturday for Eisleben, where I’ll meet up with some friends from LCM, and we’ll do a Luther tour,… Read moresoon


My brother and I are in the Philippines, visiting my dad and his family. We’ve been in Manila so far, but we’ll head to their house in the provinces tomorrow. I’m typing this on a tiny keyboard, so this won’t… Read moreManila

stuck in Story City

The only good thing about Iowa is Luther College, and that’s basically in Minnesota. Iowa is a terrible place. Terrible. A friend of mine is getting married tomorrow in the Twin Cities, and I was going to drive up from… Read morestuck in Story City