a documentation argument

I’m testing some vendor-supplied software, and I’ve been testing a variety of functions and integrations. I’ve been more deliberate in my testing on this project, less monkey-at-a-keyboard and more creative thinking about how it might be broken. I’m testing things that aren’t necessarily documented in the requirements. I got some push-back about it, that we should only be documenting (and even running) tests that have written requirements. That’s basically telling me that I shouldn’t do a thorough job because someone else didn’t do a thorough job. And that’s not how I want to work.

GF communion bread

Another thing: I’m working on a recipe for gluten-free communion bread, preferably unleavened. I’ll post a recipe if I find one I like, but I would love suggestions!

Sewing class

I’m currently taking a sewing class at JoAnn Fabrics. I thought that since I’ve been teaching myself and learning as I go (and as I make mistakes), it would be good to take a class to fill in the blanks. It’s been great. We are making a skirt. I will finish it tomorrow – it seems the hem on mine is going to be fairly tricky. I will post a picture when it’s done. The education coordinator at JoAnn has also agreed to do a serger class. A family member and a friend are interested, so I think we will all do it together. The instructor has been awesome, and I’ve learned quite a bit. I would recommend trying out their classes, if you are interested.

after more than a year hiatus…

… I’m back. Pretty sure no one has noticed my absence, and that’s fine by me. I’ve spent the last year fully embracing the domestic life. I took up sewing, I’ve dived deep into gluten-free cooking, and we spent a good portion of the year doing yard and garden work. I plan to update my blog more frequently from here on out and write about more substantive things, contrary to the whining that I too frequently fall into. Here’s to another beginning!

17 days

17 days. Yes. 17. And then I will be married. I’m both excited and terrified, naturally. Preparations are coming together, but I’m having trouble understanding how I’m supposed to focus on work while this is going on. If I had been made to feel less important at work, I would probably just take off the next two weeks. 🙂 As it is, they seem to like me, so I can’t really just disappear for a while.