studying for the Bar Exam

I’ve been working on Wills and Trusts today. I won’t have much time to read tomorrow, so I actually read ahead… And I had a thought. Trusts for animals (pets) are exempt from the Rule Against Perpetuities, at least in Missouri, and they last for the life of the animal, or the last surviving animal if the trust is for more than one animal.

When I took Estates and Trusts (one class) in law school, my friend and I had talked about ways to get into the casebook, whether by naming our children C1, C2, C3, and so forth, or by creating an exceptionally complicated will with all sorts of procedural problems. What I want to do is adopt some animal with a long lifespan, like a turtle or a lake sturgeon, then put a massive amount of money into a trust for said animal, and then watch from my cloud while the litigation ensues after I die. I figure someone will make the Rule Against Perpetuities argument, especially since it’s for such a long time, and there will be an issue of what a pet actually is, and the trustee will be completely greedy and breach fiduciary duties. It will be fun.

Is it bad that when I study, I think about ways to get around the law? Don’t worry, I won’t be breaking any laws knowingly or willingly.

studying for the Bar Exam

I like organization. I like having plans. I have created a plan that is supposed to motivate me to study for the Missouri Bar Exam, which I will take July 28th and 29th. I’ve devised a point system. Three colors of points, though they are all worth the same amount. I get a blue point for every set (17 problems) of multiple choice questions I do. I’ve thought about having a quality threshold, but that (and I) would be pointless. Then, I get a green point for every essay I write. Finally, I get a purple point for 1) every 20 pages I read in the large outlines, 2) every 20 notecards I create for studying, and 3) every half hour I spend (productively) studying otherwise, though if I study for 50 minutes all in one go, I get two points. Basically, every point is roughly 30 minutes of work. So that’s my system. Sounds great, right? I have decided that I need to amass 30 points before I can watch any Harry Potter movie, and if I want to watch all five before July 15th, I need to get some serious points going. I have not earned many points so far. I’m working on it.

Also, I moved into Carl’s house a week and a half ago. Stuff is EVERYWHERE. I feel torn between studying and cleaning, and so I end up reading a magazine instead, naturally. It’s probably a good thing Carl won’t move back to the States until December. It gives me plenty of time to reorganize. I told him how I’ve been organizing our books and DVDs and things. He has a strange aversion to organization, and he has repeatedly cautioned me that his books will not stay the way I’ve put them. It will be a fun marriage, I think. Speaking of which, we’re doing things backwards, and we’re going to basically take our honeymoon this August while I’m over there. We’ll spend a 7-10 days in Great Britain at the beginning, a week in Italy at the end, and we’re hoping to spend a weekend in Switzerland (Zurich maybe?) and a weekend in Vienna. I’m really looking forward to it. I love hanging out with Carl, and we have such a great time together. We have not done much traveling together, and I think it will be a lot of fun. We have similar ideas of what constitutes “fun,” which will be a great thing. I can’t wait to be there. Then, after we’re married, we’ll take a weekend or something and go somewhere close. It may sound corny, but the thing I’m looking forward to most is just getting to be with my best friend.

I should study.