weekly roundup – January 22nd (game edition)

I didn’t get much reading done this week, but I have plenty of games to talk about, so this is going to be all about games. If you were hoping for more reading suggestions, check in next week! I spent… Read moreweekly roundup – January 22nd (game edition)

a long pause

It’s been a long time since I’ve written, and a lot of things have happened in the meantime. The rest of my time in Europe was WONDERFUL. It was so good to be with Carl, and the traveling was a… Read morea long pause

a week and a half into my vacation

After the horror that was the bar exam, I came over to Europe to spend a month with Carl. It’s been fabulous so far. We were in England for a little over a week, and now we’re in Munich until… Read morea week and a half into my vacation


I’m headed to Germany on Wednesday! I’ll land in Munich on Thursday and spend a couple days with Carl. I’ll leave on Saturday for Eisleben, where I’ll meet up with some friends from LCM, and we’ll do a Luther tour,… Read moresoon


My brother and I are in the Philippines, visiting my dad and his family. We’ve been in Manila so far, but we’ll head to their house in the provinces tomorrow. I’m typing this on a tiny keyboard, so this won’t… Read moreManila

stuck in Story City

The only good thing about Iowa is Luther College, and that’s basically in Minnesota. Iowa is a terrible place. Terrible. A friend of mine is getting married tomorrow in the Twin Cities, and I was going to drive up from… Read morestuck in Story City

Carl in DC

Carl came to DC last weekend. He arrived here on Wednesday from Munich and left for KC on Sunday. It was a whirlwind weekend, but it was so good just to see him again. Here’s a rundown of what we… Read moreCarl in DC