a transition to agile

I joined a team at work that has moved to agile from waterfall. It was a high-performing team in waterfall, and now the team is figuring out how to get that same level of performance while doing agile. It’s been… Read morea transition to agile

hand-waving and subject matter expertise

From this recent project I’ve been discussing, I have one more point. Our customers can make transfers into other accounts. The vendor told us that it would “hard fail” if the customer tried to go over their balance. “Hard fail”… Read morehand-waving and subject matter expertise

why testers need to be involved from the beginning

On a recent project, the vendor’s software was going to be embedded in our website through an iframe. After a quick tutorial from my husband (a software architect who had done a lot of research on the security of iframes… Read morewhy testers need to be involved from the beginning

the benefits of manual testing, episode 2 – agile

Teams at my company are moving to agile, and all of us will go eventually. I’ve been learning about how testing works in agile, and I’ve been talking a lot with people about it, both inside my company and outside…. Read morethe benefits of manual testing, episode 2 – agile

the benefits of manual testing, episode 1

I attended PyCon a few weeks ago, and it was a wonderful experience. I met lots of interesting people, heard great talks, and got inspired to get back to programming. One thing I encountered from multiple people is a lack… Read morethe benefits of manual testing, episode 1

a documentation argument

I’m testing some vendor-supplied software, and I’ve been testing a variety of functions and integrations. I’ve been more deliberate in my testing on this project, less monkey-at-a-keyboard and more creative thinking about how it might be broken. I’m testing things… Read morea documentation argument

job and training

It’s Testing Tuesday! Let’s talk software testing! To start, software testing is finding weaknesses in software that, when fixed, make it a better product. Software testers don’t break software, they expose how it’s already broken. It is rather fun to… Read morejob and training