two years of dates

For Christmas of 2015, Carl and I decided to plan a year of dates. We alternated months and planned an activity around town (or at least within driving distance), trying to keep the overall budget down, but allowing for a… Read moretwo years of dates

When I Die…

This may be a little macabre, but I’ve been thinking about what I want things to be like when I die. I closed my law firm officially last week. I just wasn’t happy practicing law, and I realized that when… Read moreWhen I Die…

slow cooking month

Merry Christmas! I thought it was time for another post after such a very long radio silence. I wanted to let y’all know about my month of slow cooking. I’m over halfway through and having a blast. I’ve used it… Read moreslow cooking month

17 days

17 days. Yes. 17. And then I will be married. I’m both excited and terrified, naturally. Preparations are coming together, but I’m having trouble understanding how I’m supposed to focus on work while this is going on. If I had… Read more17 days

a long pause

It’s been a long time since I’ve written, and a lot of things have happened in the meantime. The rest of my time in Europe was WONDERFUL. It was so good to be with Carl, and the traveling was a… Read morea long pause

a week and a half into my vacation

After the horror that was the bar exam, I came over to Europe to spend a month with Carl. It’s been fabulous so far. We were in England for a little over a week, and now we’re in Munich until… Read morea week and a half into my vacation

studying for the Bar Exam

I like organization. I like having plans. I have created a plan that is supposed to motivate me to study for the Missouri Bar Exam, which I will take July 28th and 29th. I’ve devised a point system. Three colors… Read morestudying for the Bar Exam


I’m headed to Germany on Wednesday! I’ll land in Munich on Thursday and spend a couple days with Carl. I’ll leave on Saturday for Eisleben, where I’ll meet up with some friends from LCM, and we’ll do a Luther tour,… Read moresoon

poor Carl

I’ve been sick for, oh, a week. Bad cold or sinus infection or something gross that makes my head swim. It’s been unpleasant. I haven’t had to go anywhere though. I think I made Carl sick. It just hit him… Read morepoor Carl