CAST retrospective

I attended the Conference of the Association for Software Testing (CAST) two weeks ago in Cocoa Beach, Florida. It was a fantastic learning and networking experience over four days, and I’m still reeling a little bit. I started with a… Read moreCAST retrospective

automation thoughts – an update

Last year, I wrote some thoughts about the benefits of manual testing. The posts are here and here. Now that I’ve been on an agile team for over a year, and doing some automation, I think (hope) I have some… Read moreautomation thoughts – an update

two years of dates

For Christmas of 2015, Carl and I decided to plan a year of dates. We alternated months and planned an activity around town (or at least within driving distance), trying to keep the overall budget down, but allowing for a… Read moretwo years of dates

training a tester

I may have mentioned a few months ago that I’m training a tester who is new to mobile. We’re four months in, and I’m surprised to find that I’m still answering (many) questions daily. Language does play an important role,… Read moretraining a tester

finding purpose

I like my employer, and I like my new career as a software tester, and though I strive to be excellent, when I leave work, I do my best not to think about it until the next day. I’ll sometimes… Read morefinding purpose

SOAP testing and finding the right assertions

I’ve been delving into the more technical side of testing, that of using tools to exercise code precisely rather than galumphing through UI, which really is my preferred method. Our mobile app uses a lightweight service to connect to the… Read moreSOAP testing and finding the right assertions

language and learning

We have a new tester on my team. I recruited her, and I talked her up to my team. They liked her, and I was excited when it worked out. She’s not new to testing, but she’s new to mobile,… Read morelanguage and learning

essential board games

I know I talk a lot about board games, but I’ve never talked about which ones are actually good starter games for anyone interested in building a modern board game collection. So what games do you need? In no particular… Read moreessential board games

insecurity and bravery

My husband won’t sing in front of me. He’s taking voice lessons with a great teacher (Tyler Kofoed, if you’re interested), and he says he’s getting better, but he won’t sing for me. Part of it is intimidation, because I’ve… Read moreinsecurity and bravery

indispensability and value

I had a realization when I started my current job: I don’t want to be indispensable. For a very long time, I wanted to be indispensable, where things would come to a halt if I weren’t there or if I… Read moreindispensability and value