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Merry Christmas! I thought it was time for another post after such a very long radio silence. I wanted to let y’all know about my month of slow cooking. I’m over halfway through and having a blast. I’ve used it every day except the first two Wednesdays (because we were rather overloaded with leftovers). I’m working from three sources – Michele Scicolone’s The French Slow Cooker, Cook’s Illustrated The Best Slow and Easy Recipes, and Stephanie O’Dea’s blog. So far, I’ve made:

  • garbure (cabbage and bean soup)
  • roast chicken with potatoes, lemon, and thyme
  • chicken in the pot with aioli
  • Povencal spinach meatballs
  • Rousillon meatballs
  • bouillabaisse
  • salmon with tomatoes and mint (not awesome)
  • bacon and Gruyere pain perdu
  • cauliflower and potatoes Catalan
  • bittersweet chocolate creams
  • rice pudding
  • barbecued brisket
  • salsa chicken and black bean soup
  • stuffed peppers
  • 21-ingredient chili
  • chicken broth (today’s task)
  • mulled wine

And then not in the slow cooker but cooked slowly: baked bananas and slow-braised carrots. The French book is wonderful and has turned out the best results, I think.

Nearly everything has turned out deliciously. And I’m having a great time. So great a time that we decided to get a 1970s-era one as well (they cook slower and have great reputations) so that I can cook smaller amounts of food (efficiently) instead of the very large amounts I am currently producing. Carl has also been enjoying it for obvious reasons. 🙂

I’m also working on perfecting a gluten-free French bread recipe. It had quite a bit of millet flour in the original recipe (from one of my GF cookbooks), and I think it’s the millet that has just a little bit of a strange taste. The texture of it is absolutely fantastic though. I’ve tried substituting buckwheat flour for the millet, but that didn’t work out. Today, I’m going to substitute almond flour and perhaps coconut flour for the millet. We’ll see how it goes. I thought of substituting quinoa flour, but a friend of mine who cooks tons of GF stuff recommended against it. She’s also working on perfecting the same recipe. I think between us, we’ll figure it out. And then I’ll post the recipe because it will be AWESOME.

On another but related note, I do have the best husband ever. He is supportive of me and kind and smart and just absolutely wonderful. He came to two church services last night (out of three) at two different churches and said he would rather be there for/with me than be home alone. I definitely got the best husband.

And now off to do laundry and other domestic-y things. Merry Christmas!

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