a long pause

It’s been a long time since I’ve written, and a lot of things have happened in the meantime.  The rest of my time in Europe was WONDERFUL.  It was so good to be with Carl, and the traveling was a lot of fun.  I flew home (that was an ordeal) at the beginning of September and started my job a week later.  I was excited about my job before I started, and it has turned out to be even better than I thought it would be.  I work with great people who support and challenge me, the subject matter is surprisingly interesting, and I get to do things that big firm associates don’t see until their third year.  Also, I went to Miami this last week for a conference on asbestos medicine.  Six of us went from the office – I only went because one of the attorneys couldn’t at the last minute – and it was a nice combination of educational lectures (including a video of a extra-pleural pneumonectomy – yuck), networking, and relaxing (mostly on the day before the conference actually started).  I had a great time, and I felt really lucky to go.  Asbestos is a complicated area, and so getting the chance to learn more in a focused context was really good for me.

In other news, Carl moved home a few weeks ago.  It’s so good to be back together.  Wedding plans are gearing up, though there is still a lot to take care of.  We’re also just trying to sort through the house.  Between the two of us, who lived alone for three and four years, we’ve accumulated a lot of things, many of them duplicates.  We have more tupperware (in a generic sense) than anyone should ever need.  I also picked up the vestiges of my youth from my mom’s house about a month ago, meaning all of my childhood books, yearbooks, journals, stuffed animals, my baby blanket and baptismal blanket, and assorted items like a music box from my grandmother and a salt-covered rock from the Dead Sea.  That is all now added to the pile of things to sort through.  It is literally a pile, similar to a small hill, though much more fragile.  I started to go through things today, but I didn’t get very far, because I started reading my journals from high school.  Oh my goodness, those were drama-filled years.  I’m very glad I’m past those years.

So in closing, life is good, and I’m enjoying this journey into real adulthood.  Oh, and Carl and I got Motorola Droids a week and a half ago.  Awesome.  We love them.

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